FREE* 8-Week Employment Preparation and Placement Programme

Having trouble finding work? Let us help you prepare for and move into employment, at no cost!

In this 8-week, FREE* pre-employment course we’ll support you to overcome barriers that may be preventing you from securing and staying in work. Move into a great career with us today!

How it works

What we do for you: 

Your study will be based on what you need to get a job or the kind of job you’d like to have.  

  • Create your own CV & cover letter 
  • Develop job search skills 
  • Apply for jobs and gain interview skills
  • Communication 
  • Set work goals and build confidence 
  • Complete industry skills training (Certificates and licences needed to land that job) 
  • Direct access to our pool of employers 
  • Ongoing mentoring and support when you’re in work


  • Free for those that meet Work and Income eligibility criteria. Contact us today to find more info. 
We offer rolling intakes so you
join at anytime. 

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