FREE* COURSE Introduction to Security and Service Level 2


Are you 16 to 24 years old?
We have your career options sorted!

Our 19-week prep course will give you a taste of working in the security or service field at no cost. Study with us to build your knowledge of these career paths now. 
Includes Unit Standard Credits towards NCEA.

19 Weeks

Auckland, CBD

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What you’ll learn:

  • Communication skills & customer services skills 
  • Pre-employment skills such as creating a CV, exploring career options and setting employment goals
  • Workplace Health & Safety  
  • Workplace documentation
  • Observation skills and identifying risk/threats – in a security context 
  • Conflict and crowd management – in a security context
  • Entry and exit control – in a security context 
  • Knowledge of the security industry in the pre-employment context 
18 years or over:
  • Knowledge of the Sale and Supply of alcohol 
  • Knowledge of host responsibility requirements as a duty manager of a licensed premises

What you’ll get: 

Eligibility Criteria: 

Fees: Zero Fees, No Hidden Costs

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